The curses module and licensing

Benjamin Schnitzler benjaminschnitzler at
Thu Dec 6 16:02:10 CET 2012

Hello everyone,

I am new to this list.
I have a question concerning the curses module (I am using
python2.7). Which license does this module have? Is it bases
completely on the curses library? In the documentation the
following is stated:

"The curses module provides an interface to the curses library,
the de-facto standard for portable advanced terminal handling."

But also:

"Changed in version 1.6: Added support for the ncurses library
and converted to a package."

Is it maybe built on both libraries? However, the crucial point
is, that I want to build a curses terminal interface for some GPL
software project. Can You give me a hint, if that is possible
(yes, I know, You are no lawyers) and if and where I have to
include licensing informations regarding the license of
curses/ncurses ?

Thank You


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