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On Thursday, December 06, 2012 01:52:15 AM Hans Mulder 
> On 5/12/12 22:44:21, inq1ltd wrote:
> > I can connect to and download a web page,
> > html code, and save it to a file. If connected
> > to the web, I can change the settings on KWrite
> > to open the file and navigate the page,
> > (just like a browser does).
> > 
> > I want to view the html file without using a browser
> > 
> > or KWrite as I do now.
> > 
> > Customer wants a direct connect to a dedicated
> > website. Their clients can be using any
> > browser. This gives them a a direct connect to
> > a dedicated website for a specific purpose.
> > In other words I need a mini, simple browser;
> > something I can build that will open, read and
> > display a saved html or the connected url site.
> How about:
> import os.path, webbrowser
>"file://" + os.path.abspath(your_file))
> > I would appreciate some direction.
> You'd get more useful answers if you'd give some
> more context.  For example:
> * Which platform?
> * Which version of Python?
> * Which GUI (if any)?
> * What capabilities do you need?  CSS? Javascript?
> * Are there any unusual requirement?

A few responders have ask for this information. 

Platform can be linux or Windows.
Currently: Linux runs Python 2.7
 and Windows runs 2.6.3; 
Windows can be XP and above.
My program is built with Python and Tkinter
I convert the program using py2exe.

There are no special requirements. 
The client will design around my capabilities.

The html page will simply be a display of data. 

Right now I need some way to display 
15 to 20 lines of html in its own window or 
as part of my screen. 

I am trying to avoid using any commercial

GTK has a webkit, and QT has a webkit and 
Suse, wich I use has libwebkitgtk-1_0-0.

All at some time I will have to look at all. 
I thought If someone had done this already 
The learning curve could be lowered.

Thanks for the interest,


> Hope this helps,
> -- HansM
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