question about importing a package

Matt matt at
Thu Dec 6 17:50:59 CET 2012

It works now. Steven and Alex, thanks for your help!

I ended up leaving and and bar.p the way they were, and in putting:

from foo import *
from bar import *

So my mistake was not importing the foo and bar modules into sub_one/

I also see how the __all__ array helps me control what gets imported. I can leave it out of, and everything gets imported. So my three lessons are:

1) "from X import *" will look for an __all__ list in module X, or in if X is a package instead of a module, and import only what is in that list. Module names are different than function names in that list.
2) if __all__ is not defined, "from X import *' will import everything in X's namespace
3) acts like just another module, so you have to import the package contents that you want into it before you import the package into your code

Thanks again for the help!

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