Confused compare function :)

Anatoli Hristov tolidtm at
Thu Dec 6 18:08:05 CET 2012

>> No one have an idea ?
>> Thanks
> Basically because your code is crap.  Others have already suggested
> refactoring your code to make it easier to follow.

Thank you Mark for your notes. I changed the name of the variables as
was suggested before.
I know my code should be crappy, but at least I try as I'm a beginner
in a programming at all - this is a good exercise for me.

>Try (diabolical pun very
> deliberate) following that advice.  Failing that find out how much it'll
> cost to fix and get your cheque book out, perhaps that'll focus your mind.
> I'll not apologise for being blunt as your follow up is less than two hours
> after your previous post.

It seems the arrogance is in your blood :p Nice shot


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