Confused compare function :)

MRAB python at
Thu Dec 6 18:52:46 CET 2012

On 2012-12-06 17:31, Anatoli Hristov wrote:
>>> Here is the product in the CSV:
>>> MONIIE2407HDS-B1;MON;II;E2407HDS-B1;E2407HDS-B1;IIYAMA LCD 24" Wide
>>> 1920x1080TN Speakers 2ms Black DVI HDMI;133;20;RECTD0.41;0,41;;;;;;;;;
> This one is still not found and it is in the CSV file - I just don't
> get it why !
It's not saying that it's not found, it's saying that it wasn't updated 

     csv_new_price < db_price and csv_stock > 0

was False. Is the new price higher or the same?

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