PyCharm messed up my PyDev

Jabba Laci jabba.laci at
Thu Dec 6 19:30:40 CET 2012


I have a strange problem. I've used PyDev for a long time and a few
days ago I wanted to try PyCharm. When I wanted to create a new
project in PyCharm, it asked me to select the interpreter. There was a
possibility to upgrade packages so I selected all and pressed the
upgrade button. For the upgrade, it asked my admin password (I'm under
Then today I wanted to go back to PyDev but it says "Python not
configured" for _all_ my projects :( Under Preferences I can select
the interpreter (Auto Config) but when I click on OK, the selection is
not held. When I go back to the interpreter selection window, it's
empty again. Clicking on OK it says "Restoring PYTHONPATH".

I think it's because of PyCharm. I did the same thing on my laptop and
I have the same problem. Has anyone met this issue? How to get back a
working PyDev?

I also tried Aptana Studio 3 after Eclipse, but the same thing
happens. Did PyCharm change some permissions that PyDev doesn't like?



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