The curses module and licensing

Benjamin Schnitzler benjaminschnitzler at
Thu Dec 6 23:37:59 CET 2012

On 19:28 Thu 06 Dec     , Alister wrote:
> If I understand things correctly this means if you distribute the python 
> package (alone or as part of your application) then you need to include 
> the detailed section.
> if you provide just your own python code & require the user to install 
> python & any necessary modules (which would be needed for windoze users 
> python is usually installed or at least included in the repository's of 
> most Linux Distros)then this restriction does not apply.
> the copyright is for the python interpreter & modules not your own 
> personal code.
Ok, thank you! I think I am clear about it now. As you might have
guessed, python will not be distributed with the package. 

By the way: Sorry for posting the statement of Chris Angelico to
the list, it wasn't meant to be on it.
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