MVC web-framework with RESTfully Decoupled Views?

Alec Taylor alec.taylor6 at
Fri Dec 7 11:29:19 CET 2012

I have used a variety of different MVC web-frameworks.

My current methodology for web and mobile [PhoneGap/Cordova]
development is as follows:

Web framework (MVC)

1. Write the Models (db schema stuff)
2. Write the Controllers (manage interface between models and views,
or just expose certain data; e.g.: RESTfully)
3. Write the Views (HTML &etc for presentation to the viewer; usually
includes a seamless Template, Form and Auth layer from the framework)

JavaScript framework (MVC)

1. Write the Models (for storing what the controllers grab)
2. Write the Controllers (grab required stuff RESTfully, also do
sanisation type stuff [pun intended!])
3. Write the Views


It seems to me that I would be much better served by a web-framework
which integrates decoupled Views. This would shorten development time
and prevent pseudo double-typing.

Are there any Python web-frameworks which has added functionality for
generating decoupled views?

Thanks for all suggestions,

Alec Taylor

BTW: Full disclosure, also posted this on stackoverflow:

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