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> >  > > Right now I need some way to display
> >  > > 15 to 20 lines of html in its own window or
> >  > > as part of my screen.
> >  > 
> >  > Could you open a shell window and run a text web 
browser such as
> >  > Lynx?
> > 
> > That is a possibility but then every machine
> > will have to have Lynx. That is not quite
> > what the customer wants.
> > 
> > Also, I can download the site to a file,
> Or you can download and work with it in memory.
>  > convert the data to text,
> Using existing html parser.
>  > then display it in a Text widget.
> The complication in displaying html is with placing images 
and other
> boxed content, including tables, and flowing text around the 
boxes. If
> the html you want to work with is simple and has a somewhat 
> format, you should be able to extract all the info as either text 
or a
> table and be able to format and place it how you want.

What you are suggesting is what was suggested when this 
project was originally discussed.

However, I was naive about the complications of simply 
viewing a web page. And, making something like this work on 
Linux and Windows.

I've come to the conclusion that processing the data with
a parser and formatting it in a widget is the only way to make it 
work on both platforms.  Parsing the data also gives one the 
ability to produce a module that will work in multiple versions of 
either platform and still keep control of all of the code. 

I appreciate the Help,



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