wrong ImportError message printed by python3.3 when it can't find a module?

Irmen de Jong irmen.NOSPAM at xs4all.nl
Fri Dec 7 23:23:11 CET 2012

On 7-12-2012 22:20, Peter Otten wrote:

> A paragon of clarity -- ye lurkers, this is how a bug report should be.


>> Is there a problem with the rewritten import logic in Python 3.3?
>> Thanks
>> Irmen de Jong
> I believe this is fixed, see http://bugs.python.org/issue15111

Argh, why didn't I search the bug tracker first: I would have found that one for sure.
Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.

The bug is confusing but it doesn't break anything so far. I guess I'll be fine waiting
for 3.3.1.


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