date-time comparison, aware vs naive

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Mon Dec 10 21:22:34 CET 2012

In <21eb3e6f-9a82-47aa-93ff-8f4083d18b66 at> noydb <jenn.duerr at> writes:

> I want to compare a user entered date-and-time against the date-and-time of
> a pdf file.  I posted on this (how to get a file's date-time) before, was
> advised to do it like:

> import datetime, os, stat
> mtime = os.lstat(filename)[stat.ST_MTIME] // the files modification time
> dt = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(mtime)

> I am having problems with the comparison, that line is failing.

What line?  You haven't posted any comparison line of code here.

Please post the actual code you're using, instead of telling us about it.

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