strptime - dates formatted differently on different computers

noydb jenn.duerr at
Mon Dec 10 22:18:06 CET 2012

Follow-on question to this earlier topic - 

Was curious to know if there was a way to handle different user computers with different operating system set date formats.  2/10/2006 vs 2-10-2006, for example.  Not an issue for my current task, but was just curious how this could be handled?

If in my code I am declaring the user entered date foramtted as
x = datetime.datetime.strptime(user_entered_time , "%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p") # format for my computer

but on another person's computer, their's is set as 2-10-2006 14:26:06, the code fails.  Can this be accounted for?

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