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they call me the prototype master over here. I dive into the unkown and get
some code working in a problem domain i dont know. As fast as possible i
need to write code that 1) is running 2) does something in that domain

This all so i can learn from all that went wrong. so i can see where my not
knowing the problem domain leads me too.

Thing is i have been prototyping in my domain for more than 10 years now.
Bots are what i have been doing all that time, recycling version after
version, name after name, trying to improving stuff, most of the time
meaning dropping too much code and spending waay to much time to add the
functionality back in.

So no sorry still no unittests yet ;] I promised i test the core first, but
if i don't know  what the core is going to look like, it is no use of
testing - yet -
I do have a ./bin/life-test in the git repo know that can launch unittests,
but i need to go forward to have at least the IRC bot running.

So here is version 3 of the  L I F E ;]

It does run a IRC bot, but only primary functionality is there, connect and
join a channel and do some commands. The console bot seems more stable now,
as is the zero-key stuff. All hopes though can only test stuff here for
myself, looks good so far as in "easy_install3 -U life" works here.

try something like ";start irc #channel<>"
 in the console. basically the thing is forming into a framework with 1 top
heay base class and in object typeing for easier conversions, ummm yeaah
well ;]

And then there is the issue of colors.. My deep apology to those who have
been using shell and IRC from the earlier days, i just need to have my
colors in my shell ;] For me it makes the output more parsable.

So wrap up, target of one release a week seems to work, still need to start
my massive unittest stuff, but it seems core is progressing well.

Do take note though:

 'Development Status :: 2 - Pre-Alpha',
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