wxFormBuilder and wxBitmapCombobox

Lurken III nomail at not.valid
Thu Dec 13 20:47:14 CET 2012

I'm stucked in populate a wxBitmapCombobox with wxFormBuilder

wxFB 3.3.4-beta unicode

in Project settings, path = .    <- (dot)
I have an "ico_conto1.bmp"

tree of the dialog:

- Dialog
--- wxBoxSizer
---------- 4 wxStaticText + 3 wxTextCtrl +
---------- wxBitmapComboBox
--- wxStaticLine
--- wxStdDialogButtonSizer

in wxBitmapComboBox setup, in "choices"
I'm not able to load the bitmap

At the bottom, tip for such widget is  "use format bitmap:choice",



but I get only and always a popup

"Can't load image from file 'ico_conto1.bmp": file does not exist."

Any help welcome, thanks.

Lurken III

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