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> On 12/13/2012 4:41 PM, Aung Thet Naing wrote:
> > I'm wondering how I can match the svn versions in to
> > Python version (2.7.3) etc? When I downloaded Python source from
> >, I cannot really see the svn
> > version.
> I do not know what you mean by svn version. In any case, Python 
> development was moved from svn to hg in March, 2011, before all current 
> releases, so I am sure they do not have such.

In particular, the source downloads (tar, bz2, etc) are just 
extracted source files of a particular snapshot in time with no version 

You can browse the hg repository on the web.  To browse by tags that 
correspond to releases:

To browse the current top of each of the development branches:

Clicking on a change set id in a particular message in a 
message should open a web page with the details of that change set.

Or you can use hg ( to download your own 
copy of the source repository which will contain the complete source 
history of all branches:

    hg clone

More details here:

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