Anatoli Hristov tolidtm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 09:59:13 CET 2012

> What happens when you do use UTF-8?
This is the result when I encode the string:
" étroits, en utilisant un portable extrêmement puissant—le plus
petit et le plus léger des HP EliteBook pleine puissance—avec un
écran de diagonale 31,75 cm (12,5 pouces), idéal pour le
professionnel ultra-mobile.
No accents
> What do you mean, "use UTF-8"?

Trying to encode the string
> To learn about Unicode, start here:
> http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/Unicode.html
> If that helps you solve the problem, excellent. If not, please come back
> with your questions, but first read this:
I will try to understand the logic :)

> http://www.sscce.org/
> As given, we cannot answer your question easily, or at all, because we
> cannot run your code. It gives indentation errors, you don't tell us what
> modules you're using, and you haven't reduced the example down to the
> critical parts that demonstrate the failure.
I didn't wanted to include all my code as it is 15K. and also I know
my code is crappy and you will start blaming and saying that my code
is crap.- and I know it !


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