How to exactly set style in tkinter.ttk

Vlastimil Brom vlastimil.brom at
Mon Dec 17 19:51:47 CET 2012

2012/12/17 Netrick <netrick at>:
> So, we have now in python 3 the tile module
> integrated as
> tkinter.ttk. However, in the python and tk docs there is a lot about that
> tkk, but only how to set your own style for specific widgets. There is
> nothing on how to use that built-in theme (the one that interests me is the
> "Revitalized" one, see the link I wrote) as a global style for all widgets.
> How can I do it? I just want my python 3.3 app to use that built-in style,
> but I can't find anything in docs about it.
> Or we have better way for tkinter on linux to look more native and less
> ugly? (for example IDLE for python 3.3 written in tkinter looks like windows
> 95 app on linux and pretty good on windows xp).
> Thanks!
> --

I don't use ttk myself, but it seems, that the original demo from
Guilherme Polo might contain the functionality you are looking for:

in the (top-right) section "Style":  "Themes" (although I see partly
different themes on Windows7 - it's possibly platform dependent).

You may be able to find out the appropriate usage from the source code.


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