Py 3.3, unicode / upper()

Johannes Bauer dfnsonfsduifb at
Wed Dec 19 16:18:38 CET 2012

On 19.12.2012 15:23, wxjmfauth at wrote:
> I was using the German word "Straße" (Strasse) — German
> translation from "street" — to illustrate the catastrophic and 
> completely wrong-by-design Unicode handling in Py3.3, this
> time from a memory point of view (not speed):
>>>> sys.getsizeof('Straße')
> 43
>>>> sys.getsizeof('STRAẞE')
> 50
> instead of a sane (Py3.2)
>>>> sys.getsizeof('Straße')
> 42
>>>> sys.getsizeof('STRAẞE')
> 42

How do those arbitrary numbers prove anything at all? Why do you draw
the conclusion that it's broken by design? What do you expect? You're
very vague here. Just to show how ridiculously pointless your numers
are, your example gives 84 on Python3.2 for any input of yours.

> But, this is not the problem.
> I was suprised to discover this:
>>>> 'Straße'.upper()
> I really, really do not know what I should think about that.
> (It is a complex subject.) And the real question is why?

Because in the German language the uppercase "ß" is virtually dead.


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