Data Driven Process

Dave Angel d at
Thu Dec 20 22:18:43 CET 2012

On 12/20/2012 01:08 PM, balparmak at wrote:
> Thank you for your reply Grant, 
> I am trying to attach mxd's but no chance. As you said that i dont have much experience in python. I used to work with VBA but its not an option anymore with new ArcGIS 10.
> How can I add mxd's here? 

MXD doesn't seem to be a text format.  So don't try to attach it to a
text mailing list.  Instead put it on a web site, and put a link to it
in your message.  You also should attempt to make the sample file(s)
small, so people don't have to download something large.

Having said that, I personally won't be able to help, as I know nothing
about ArcGis.



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