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? 2012?12?21? 06:11, Jack Silver ??:
> I have two Linux From Scratch machine.
> On the first one (the server), I want to build install python 3.3.0 in 
> a shared filesystem and access it from the second one (the client). 
> These machines are fairly minimal in term of the number of software 
> installed. I just want to install python on this filesystem and 
> anything else.
> I would like to know what are the build and runtime dependencies that 
> are needed on both machine.
> My understanding is that the core CPython interpreter only needs a C 
> compiler to be built. For the extension modules, I think that only the 
> development headers of some additional libraries are needed on the 
> server machine. Hence, I do not need to install all those libraries on 
> the client machine. Right ?
I'm somewhat confused by this server-client-python thing. Do you mean 
that you want all python related pkgs to be installed on server and you 
clients only contain your own python projects?

> I would like to build as much module I can, so I have a complete 
> python installation. Here is the list of dependecies I think I need to 
> install on the server machine :
> expat
> bzip2
> gdbm
> openssl
> libffi
> zlib
> tk
> sqlite
> valgrind
> bluez
Four your information, here's a list of packages needed to build python2.7.
bzip2 db gdbm openssl readline sqlite3 zlib

> anything ? Is there anything I need to install on the client too ?
If you can access server via ssh, why is anything needed to be installed 
on client?

If you want your python projects to reside on your client and to run 
them on server, or vice versa, try an nfs mount.
> Thanks
> Jack

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