Dimitrios Xenakis gouzounakis at
Fri Dec 21 16:00:09 CET 2012

Hi there, i would like to ask.. i need to create an html webpage and bring that live on the internet via my host service, and i would also like a conversion calculator being showed on this website. Concersion tool such as Cels. to Kelvin. I have the calculation formula and i would like to script it in python and embed the conversion form in it. For example .

So im asking... how could i do that? I do not want the guest to download the program from this webpage. What i need is the form to be showed online and then the calculations being made from guest computer. Not server. Im newbie to java thats why this is not good option to me.

After lots of searching i think ironpython may be somehow helpfull to me but... im asking you too.

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