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> > doc <= 'blah blah x<y: '+B('True!')

I will surely backlog latter or some crytologist from the futur will do and
he will surely agree about the fact something strange happened around
december 2012.

Sorry for that, that's me trying to be funny. Last time I checked DOM
manipulation is not the primary way for js devs to do DOM manipulation
anymore, or is it ? Javascript template engines do DOM manipulation but
this is almost invisible for the user so whatever the API, I expect this
will be minor, if not completly overlooked by users of Brython. I could
even argue more that for cross-language knowledge sharing the low level API
should be the same but no.

Brython is a very good idea. I failed at something similar except I took
the pyjs route and focused on classes (functions being callable class
objects) and "bindings" which is IMO more interessant than list
comprehensions, operator-overloading and plain functions. The idea was that
bindings will be even more important than in CPython because most of the
hard work for browser compatibility was already done and optimised by the
JS community. I may completly be off beat but the vision was that Python
would be for framework and application developpement and not for utility
libraries that would replace jQuery, SocketIO, Mediator.js History.js or
any template engine hence the focus on classes and meta-programming.

What is the plan regarding this issues in Brython ?


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