[Help] [Newbie] Require help migrating from Perl to Python 2.7 (namespaces)

Alexander Blinne news at blinne.net
Sat Dec 22 22:59:20 CET 2012

Am 22.12.2012 21:43, schrieb prilisauer at googlemail.com:
> I Think I describe my Situation wrong, the written Project is a
> Server, that should store sensor data, perfoms makros on lamps according
> a sequence stored in the DB and Rule systems schould regulate home devices and plan scheduler jobs so on.

I really don't understand your problem and I don't think anyone else
does. A python programm written like I have explained could do all those
things with no problem whatsoever, if only the classes contain all the
relevant methods.

> The System Runs in a threated environment. It looks for me, like the limits are at the end of file. my core problem also the only one I have is: I don't know how to get over that limits and enable dataexchange like a backbone...

There is no limit at the end of a file. A module is only a namespace and
you can access the names of another module simply by importing it first.
You also can freely pass around objects as parameters in function/method
calls or even just store them to module-level global names. Threads
don't change anything about that.


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