Making a Unix daemon process (was: Forking into the background (Linux))

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Mon Dec 24 08:17:56 CET 2012

Hans Mulder <hansmu at> writes:

> On 24/12/12 01:50:24, Olive wrote:
> > My goal is to write a script that 1) write something to stdout; then
> > fork into the background, closing the stdout (and stderr, stdin) pipe.
> > 
> > I have found this answer (forking -> setsid -> forking)
> >

You're following a path that leads to the desire for a “daemon”

> You may want to look at the python-daemon module on Pypy, which
> appears to do what you need, including some features you haven't asked
> for, yet.

It's even better when you look at it on PyPI
<URL:> (note that PyPy is a
Python implementation, PyPI is an index of Python packages).

The discussion forum for ‘python-daemon’ development is at

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