Integer as raw hex string?

Tim Chase python.list at
Mon Dec 24 16:58:01 CET 2012

On 12/24/12 09:36, Roy Smith wrote:
> I have an integer that I want to encode as a hex string, but I don't 
> want "0x" at the beginning, nor do I want "L" at the end if it happened 
> to be a long.  The result needs to be something I can pass to int(h, 16) 
> to get back my original integer.
> The brute force way works:
>    h = hex(i)
>    assert h.startswith('0x')
>    h = h[2:]
>    if h.endswith('L'):
>        h = h[:-1]
> but I'm wondering if there's some built-in call which gives me what I 
> want directly.  Python 2.7.

Would something like

  h = "%08x" % i


  h = "%x" % i

work for you?


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