How to get time.strptime()?

Gnarlodious gnarlodious at
Wed Dec 26 20:18:16 CET 2012

Thanks for the help.
This error only occurs on my devbox which is running Py 3.3.0:

print(time.__file__, file=sys.stderr)
which looks normal to me.
The server box, which is running Py 3.1.3, says this:

Also of possible relevance is that my server is running mod_wsgi 3.3, while my devbox is running mod_wsgi 3.4. However I had a discussion with Dumpleton who decided it is a Python problem:!topic/modwsgi/9MF2ixebvfg

I don't know how to get any sort of traceback out of mod_wsgi. The script runs normally as a single-page CGI script but the error only occurs when imported as a module. 

Exactly  what I am saying is this:
import time
print(time.strptime("00", "%y"), file=sys.stderr)
--> No module named 'time.strptime'

But this works normally:
print(time.time(), file=sys.stderr)
--> 1356549188.368575

I can say this and see 'strptime' in the list of functions:
print(dir(time), file=sys.stderr)
--> ['_STRUCT_TM_ITEMS', '__doc__', '__file__', '__loader__', '__name__', '__package__', 'altzone', 'asctime', 'clock', 'ctime', 'daylight', 'get_clock_info', 'gmtime', 'localtime', 'mktime', 'monotonic', 'perf_counter', 'process_time', 'sleep', 'strftime', 'strptime', 'struct_time', 'time', 'timezone', 'tzname', 'tzset']

So I am stumped.

-- Gnarlie

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