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> First, sorry for starting a new post - I didn't want anyone to have to
> read through the whole first one when the questions were completely
> different :/
> Second, I honestly have no idea how to answer your questions.  I am a
> sophomore in high school and I am trying to learn this on my own because my
> teacher is not very good at explaining things.
> i just cant figure out how to get the total when an order is placed
> without the customer ordering at least one of each item.  I also can't
> figure out how to get the shipping to calculate correctly. It is an intro
> class and we are using just the basics. Most of what Mitya said is stuff
> I've never seen before, although I am very grateful for her response, I am
> supposed to use only what the teacher "taught".
> Sorry if I frustrated you.  I'm just a kid trying to learn. Any help is
> appreciated

There's no anger here, by the way. If we were unhappy with you, you'd know
;). But seriously, if we weren't just trying to help, we wouldn't reply. We
were just telling you some stuff you needed to know.

 I'm in school too, and I'm self taught. I also run a little club where I
teach people how to code, from scratch. I get where you're coming from, and
you should realise you're doing fine. We get a lot of newbies posting on
here, and I'm used to seeing code like this. The important part is that
your mistakes are small and self-contained. Those are the easy mistakes,
and they're the parts that you don't have to worry about.

When you use Google Groups, your quotations look to us like this:

> This is something I said
> with lots of extra
> lines in the middle
> for no reason. Google
> Groups sucks, basically.

So please just delete the part where you quote other people. I think there
are other ways of quoting properly, but you might as well just not quote.
(When you quoted my post, the result was *literally* twice as long!)

Thanks, and good luck.
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