New to python, do I need an IDE or is vim still good enough?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Dec 28 00:37:34 CET 2012

On 27Dec2012 12:01, mogul <morten.guldager at> wrote:
| I'm new to python, got 10-20 years perl and C experience, all gained
| on unix alike machines hacking happily in vi, and later on in vim.
| Now it's python, and currently mainly on my kubuntu desktop.
| Do I really need a real IDE, as the windows guys around me say I do,
| or will vim, git, make and other standalone tools make it the next 20
| years too for me?

Your Windows guys are weak. Use the tools that make you happy.

Personally, my normal programming env is an editor window (vim for me,
or vi) and a shell window. With the docs (2.x or 3.x, local
all-in-one-HTML file saved on my desktop for instant open at need and
offline use) in a browser window behind the terminals. (I'm usually on a
Mac, so terminals and browser side-by-side aren't so easy with its
desktop metaphor - it is a single keystroke to toggle back and forth

| Oh, by the way, after 7 days I'm completely in love with this python
| thing. I should have made the switch much earlier!

I thought that after biting the bullet a few years ago. I had (well,
still have, though it grows not these days) this personal Perl library
that kept me back, and hadn;t realised:

  - how many batteries are already included in the stdlib

  - how little of that library was current; re-implement the live stuff
    (better and cleaner) and move on - very liberating

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