Dimitrios Xenakis gouzounakis at
Fri Dec 28 03:08:47 CET 2012

I have been looking for a library solution of both GUI and Compiler but for Python 3.3 and ofcourse i was hoping for a combination that would be most compatible between them. After searching i may have concluded to cx_Freeze (because it was the only one that noticed that currently supports version Python 3.3), but i do not know what GUI library should i combine it with. Does cx_Freeze alone put any kind of restriction to my choice of GUI? I would also be interested in using my programs for commercial purposes, so would this put again some other kind of limitations to my GUI choice? I have read many good stuff about PySide, but still i do not know wether this is the one that i should choose. Is PySide same as PyQT and PyQT4 and QT or which is the exact relationship between those? Disadvantages - advantages, capabilities, benefits, costs, etc. (What is the lowest possible cost of buying such a commercial license for my programming?. Are there different versions and should i be carefull to choose the best for me? Where could i get this from? PySide is total free for my commercial needs?) I need to be legit so i guess i should learn how to handle with the licencing thing. Please somebody clear things for me.

Thanks 4 your time i really appreciate that.

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