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> Morning,
> I have been looking for a library solution of both GUI and Compiler but for Python 3.3 and ofcourse i was hoping for a combination that would be most compatible between them. After searching i may have concluded to cx_Freeze (because it was the only one that noticed that currently supports version Python 3.3), but i do not know what GUI library should i combine it with. Does cx_Freeze alone put any kind of restriction to my choice of GUI? I would also be interested in using my programs for commercial purposes, so would this put again some other kind of limitations to my GUI choice? I have read many good stuff about PySide, but still i do not know wether this is the one that i should choose. Is PySide same as PyQT and PyQT4 and QT or which is the exact relationship between those? Disadvantages - advantages, capabilities, benefits, costs, etc. (What is the lowest possible cost of buying such a commercial license for my programming?. Are there different versions and should i be carefull
>   to choose the best for me? Where could i get this from? PySide is total free for my commercial needs?) I need to be legit so i guess i should learn how to handle with the licencing thing. Please somebody clear things for me.
> Thanks 4 your time i really appreciate that.
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cx_Freeze has nothing to do with GUIs, so it will work, no matter what.
PySide is a newer Python binding for the Qt framework (version 4),
developed by Openbossa, available under the LGPL license, meaning
there is no licensing problem for your commercial needs.
PyQt4 is an older binding by Riverbank Computing (Qt 4), available
under GPL or a commercial license, meaning you need to (a) go
open-source; or (b) pay a lot of money.
PyQt is the general name for PyQt4 and PyQt3, and you should not use PyQt3.
Qt is a GUI development framework for C++, with bindings for many
languages, including Python.

Also, the main difference for developers is the module name.  That’s it.

Now, I am a huge Qt advocate, but you may also want to look at other
toolkits, such as wxWidgets, GTK+ or Tck/Tk.  wxWidgets is a great
multi-platform toolkit with a nice Python binding, Tcl/Tk is an ugly
non-native toolkit, while GTK+ is a huge mess that I suggest to avoid
for your own sanity.
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