Facing issue with Python loggin logger for printing object value

Morten Engvoldsen mortenengv at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 17:54:33 CET 2012

Hi Dave,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I have used logging.setLevel(logger.DEBUG)
because of threshold as you said.

I didn't copy paste the entire program since it was very huge. The "batch "
which value i am trying to retrieve is in a a for loop :

for payment in payment_line:

but here payment_line has null value since it was not able to retrieve
payment line value from the payment object. So i would like to know if
payment_line has null value, will it be enter into for loop since i was
able to log message which is  before the for loop but the message inside
the for loop i am not able to log.

Thanks again... :)

On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 5:41 PM, Dave Angel <d at davea.name> wrote:

> On 12/29/2012 07:39 AM, Morten Engvoldsen wrote:
> > Hi Dave,
> > Thanks for reply. I will really appreciate if you reply to my mail id and
> > keep python list in cc, since everytime you reply my query i need to
> search
> > the reply in the forwarding message of python list.
> I won't be able to remember to special-case your account, but maybe for
> the next few days.  Far too many others have complained when they get an
> email directly, either by sending me a request message, by using an
> address at the "invalid" domain, by hijacking some bogus email address,
> or by having an autoreply that says "Please don't try to contact me at
> this address".  For a while I considered adding all such people to a
> kill-file, but decided I'd miss too much.
> I suggest you get used to reading all messages, or to simply following
> the thread.  (For example, Thunderbird can keep all messages together
> which are replies to each other) And while I've got you, it'd be nice if
> you used reply-list yourself, instead of starting a new thread each time.
> >
> > Using logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) will log only debug message in the
> log
> > file and discard other message from log file. So that's not solving the
> > issue of my problem. I am looking into code to find out the issue.
> >
> That's not what setLevel() does.  It's a >= comparison, not an == one.
>      http://docs.python.org/2/library/logging
> """Logger.setLevel(lvl)
> Sets the threshold for this logger to lvl. Logging messages which are
> less severe than lvl will be ignored."""
> Perhaps you should also read the page:
>     http://docs.python.org/dev/howto/logging
> search for the phrase " increasing order of severity" where it lists the
> 5 levels, in order.  The default level for the root logger is WARNING,
> so it ignores DEBUG and INFO messages.  I suggested changing it to
> DEBUG, so those won't get ignored.
> You probably need to write a 10-line self-contained program to
> experiment with this, and run it outside of openerp.  Chances are
> openerp is doing something special that you need to conform to.  But I'm
> not going to be able to guess that.
> --
> DaveA
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