new pipeline manager, feedback welcome

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Sat Dec 29 21:36:16 CET 2012

Hi all,

I hope this post can be of interest to someone of you. I'm the developer of a pipeline management system called Leaf (the Python library is called pyleaf). While initially developed for internal use only at my dpt., we tried to make it a decent standalone tool for everyone interested. You can find it at

Briefly, a pipeline manager is basically a system that helps you automating common tasks that arise in a pipes-and-filters processing context. That is: you have some data and want to process them through different series of cascading filters (python functions). Example:

      / filter1 -> filter2
data <
      \ filter3

The example above is actually in Leaf language and can be exploited directly in a Python environment thanks to the library pyleaf. Other nice pipeline managers exist, like Ruffus, but this ASCII-art approach is peculiar to Leaf.

We use the tool on a daily basis and are quite happy with it, but feedback from different users would be of great help to improve its stability and usability.

Pyleaf sources are available on git-hub, that also supports an issue tracker (empty at the moment):

Thank you very much in advance for your interest. Any feedback appreciated.

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