Question about nested loop

Gisle Vanem gvanem at
Mon Dec 31 12:25:16 CET 2012

"Isaac Won" <winefrog at> wrote:

> while c < 10:
>        c = c + 1
>        for  columns in ( raw.strip().split() for raw in f ):
>                b.append(columns[c])
>        y = np.array(b, float)
>        print c, y
> I thought that  can get the arrays of the columns[5] to [10],
> but I only could get repetition of same arrays of columns[5].

I don't pretend to know list comprehension very well, but 
'c' isn't incremented in the inner loop ( .. for raw in f). 
Hence you only append to columns[5].

Maybe you could use another 'd' indexer inside the inner-loop?
But there must a more elegant way to solve your issue. (I'm a
PyCommer myself).


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