Python embeded in c++ application. Can't load python module if application is placed in folder with unicode chars.

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Fri Feb 3 01:26:27 CET 2012

On 2/2/2012 6:37 PM, Сергей Владимирович wrote:
> Hello. Please help me to import python module in my application that
> has python 2.7.2 embeded.
> I tried example from this link
> paragraph 5.3.
> If i place program in folder D:\temp\test_python\test_pythonævnes
> på\Debug I will get error - Failed to load "multiply".
> My localization settings (system language) don't correspond the chars'
> language used in path.

Easiest is to change your folder name to all ascii. This sort of thing 
will work better in future 3.x, but even then, a mismatch between 
encodings is a problem.

Terry Jan Reedy

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