Use logging level across application and modules

Jason Friedman jason at
Fri Feb 3 05:50:29 CET 2012

> Base module:
> Another module:
> Application:
> I have a module that will provide base functionality, such as logging
> and authentication.
> I have other specialized modules that provide additional
> functionality.  One module will provide database connections, another
> information about users and groups, etc.
> I have an application script that uses the base module and one or more
> specialized modules.
> I want to allow the user to select a preferred logging level.  That is
> easy to do by passing that level as an argument to base.get_logger().
> However, the application also uses the other module; how do I set the
> logging level there to match the user's preference?

I figured a way to do this.
In the base module I created a global variable loglevel.
I set the logging level according to that value.
I set the variable from my application script.
Because of the memoization of the get_logger() call, the other modules
get that same loglevel value.

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