SnakeScript? (CoffeeScript for Python)

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Fri Feb 3 11:42:47 CET 2012

On 3.2.2012 02:19, Ian Kelly wrote:
>> Then how are you going to maintain the code? Maintain the compiled
>> code or the source?
> As with all compiled software, you maintain the input, not the output.

I don't think that's what was the question. CoffeeScript is a hopeless 
hack in the hopeless situation of Javascript world where no language 
development is available (meaning, time between filing a bug to the 
moment the change is useful in The Real World™ is many many years).

Ask anybody developing in CoffeeScript/Vala how much they love debugging 
when they have to go through different styles of errors, bugs in the 
intermediate processes, etc. In the end all these languages IMHO either 
develop a new frontend for gcc/clang/PyPy (or fork of CPython) or die, 
because the former is not that much more difficult than writing your 
preprocessor, I believe.



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