os.stat last accessed attribute updating last accessed value

Jon Clements joncle at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 5 09:52:23 EST 2012

On Feb 4, 9:33 pm, Python_Junkie <software.buy.des... at gmail.com>
> I am trying to obtain the last accessed date.  About 50% of the files'
> attributes were updated such that the file was last accessed when this
> script touches the file.
> I was not opening the files
> Anyone have a thought of why this happened.
> Python 2.6 on windows xp

Read up on NTFS - but on some file systems - to check a file access
time is, well umm, is accessing it. Also possible that listing a
directory is considered an access. It's the least useful of all
records - I've only ever possibly wanted modification or creation


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