Help about dictionary append

Anatoli Hristov tolidtm at
Sun Feb 5 10:13:39 EST 2012

Hi there,

I`m again confused and its the dictionary. As dictionary does not support
append I create a variable list with dictionary key values and want to add
new values to it and then copy it again to the dictionary as I dont know
other methods.

mydict =

Then I use the key "Name" from the dict

name = mydict['Name']
tel = mydict['Tel']

then I want to add at the end new values and doing:


and I get and error that TUPLE object has no attribute Append !!!

But how to add new Values to a dictionary then ?

I know its kind of basics in python, but I was seeking in the python
website and even google and could not realise that.

Thank you for your suggestions

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