pySerial question, setting certain serial parameters [newbie]

Peter peter.milliken at
Tue Feb 7 19:16:51 EST 2012

On Feb 4, 11:47 pm, Jean Dupont <jeandupont... at> wrote:
> I need to set the following options I found in a Perl-script in Python for serial communication with a device (a voltmeter):
> $port->handshake("none");
> $port->rts_active(0);
> $port->dtr_active(1);
> I have thus far the following  statements but I think it does not set the above parameters correctly:
> import serial
> voltport='/dev/ttyUSB2'
> ser2 = serial.Serial(voltport, 2400, 8, serial.PARITY_NONE, 1,timeout=15)
> thanks
> Jean

My reading of the __init__ method documentations shows you should

ser2 = serial.Serial(voltport, 2400, dsrdtr=True, timeout=15)

since the defaults for bytesize are EIGHTBITS (for which you use 8 -
wrong), parity is already default to PARITY_NONE (so this isn't
needed), stopbits defaults to STOPBITS_ONE (for which you use 1 -
wrong) and (assuming the Perl code "1" is to enable) dsrdtr=True
(xonxoff and rtscts both default to False).

Try that.

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