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Héllo Nathan,

See below,

2012/2/8 Nathan Rice <nathan.alexander.rice at gmail.com>

> As a user:
> * Finding the right module in PyPi is a pain because there is limited,
> low quality semantic information, and there is no code indexing.
> * I have to install the module to examine it;  I don't need to look at
> docs all the time, sometimes I just want a
> package/class/function/method breakdown.
> * Given the previous point, having in-line documentation would be nice
> (for instance, just the output of .. automodule::)
> * Package usage/modification stats are not well exposed
> * No code metrics are available
> * I would like some kind of social service integration, for tagging
> and +1/likes.  I know ratings were scrapped (and they weren't that
> useful anyhow), but for example, if Armin Ronacher or Robert Kern
> thumbs up a module there is a pretty good chance I will be interested
> in it.
> As a developer:
> * I don't want to have to maintain my code repository and my package
> releases separately.  I want to let module repository know that my
> code repository exists, and that branches tagged as "release" should
> be made available.
> * I want to maintain one README.
> I don't like "someone needs to do this now" type posts but every time
> I use PyPi it infuratiates me.  I usually end up finding modules via
> Stack Overflow, which seems silly to me.
Let me do a recap with application analogies:

You want a combination of

   - github / bitbucket for source management *et ce terra*
   - http://readthedocs.org/ for documentation and search
   - http://nullege.com for code search
   - http://repos.io/ for the social features

I think it's not enough for fully integrated project management solution, I
will add this features:

   - Paragraph level and document level comments for documentation like
   - Matrix comparaisons : grid feature of http://djangopackages.com/
   - Dependency tracking, library usage in a nice visual way
   - Ask for review thingy
   - Buildbot et all
   - Q/A system
   - Mailling lis
   - Bounties
   - Agenda because time lapse
   - Blogs because it's all the rage
   - CLI interface so that hipsters can hypergrep all the way
   - A big fat red button to promote good libraries into the standard lib
   - A specialized reader UI for hypernerds so that they can cope with that
   much information while still pretending to be human

And when the Python WAR-like format is done, automatic deployement of web
application on the Python.org cloud powered by machines using a pure Python
implemention of the HURD on top a green chips running PyPy.


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