Naming convention for in-house modules (Newbie question)

HoneyMonster someone at someplace.invalid
Wed Feb 8 18:15:23 CET 2012

I am quite new to Python (2.7 on Linux), and have built a few modules 
using wxPython/wxGlade for GUI elements and Psycopg2 for database access. 
I adhere mostly to the PEP8 guidelines, and use Pylint to help with 
quality control.

So far I have been *very* impressed. Due to Python's straightforwardness 
and the wealth of documentation, results have been excellent.

Here is my question: I would like to start an in-house library of small 
modules to import, for things like error handling/logging. That's easy 
enough, but is there a recommended way of naming such modules? I am 
concerned about avoiding name clashes with standard modules and site 


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