Komodo 7 release (Python development tools)

Todd Whiteman toddw at activestate.com
Wed Feb 8 21:14:13 CET 2012


My name is Todd. I'm the lead developer for Komodo IDE (Interactive 
Development Environment) and Komodo Edit (a free, open-source editor) at 
ActiveState. I wanted to announce that the newest version, Komodo 7, has 
been released:


Python has long been one of the main languages supported by Komodo, so 
we're always getting useful feedback and suggestions. For Komodo 7, 
we've incorporated a lot of this feedback into enhancing our Python 

* Python Code Profiling (IDE only)
   Users have asked if there is a way to find out why their programs are 
taking so long to run. Komodo IDE 7 can show a graph of the methods and 
calls made by your program, so that you can detect where your CPU is 
being taken up.

* Sophisticated Syntax Checking
   Choose between multiple syntax checkers like PyLint, PyFlakes and 
PyChecker. Provides language-specific syntax checking for 
CSS/JavaScript/Django inside HTML template languages like Django.

* Code Collaboration (IDE only)
   We wanted to make pair programming easier. With the collaboration 
feature, multiple users can edit a document at the same time. It's kind 
of like Google Docs, but for code editing!

* Speed
   With Komodo 7 you'll notice a lot snappier Komodo start-up time, 
lower CPU utilization - particularly when idle, and lower memory usage 
for large projects.

* Even more...
   There are way more features in Komodo 7 than I can outline in a 
single post, so check out the online web pages for more Komodo 7 


Again, note that Komodo comes in two different flavours:

   1) Komodo Edit - completely free and fully open-source editor, 
offering smart code completions, syntax checking, code colorizing, 
sophisticated editing and more.

   2) Komodo IDE - a full featured IDE, offering advanced debugging, 
interactive shells, code browsing, source code control, database 
integration, unit testing, regular expression tools and more.

Try out Komodo 7 and let me know what you think. We really appreciate 
the support and feedback!


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