Nathan Rice nathan.alexander.rice at
Thu Feb 9 10:19:46 EST 2012

>> Two dicts created from the same inputs will return items in the same
>> arbitrary order.  As long as you don't insert or delete a key you're
>> fine.
> Two dicts that contain the same keys and values may or may not return them
> in the same order:
>>>> dict.fromkeys('ia')
> {'i': None, 'a': None}
>>>> dict.fromkeys('ai')
> {'a': None, 'i': None}
> Would your system count those two dicts as the same?
> If the sequence in which the keys were added to the dict (and deleted if
> appropriate) is exactly the same then it is likely but still not guaranteed
> that they will have the same order. The only ordering guarantee is that
> within a single dict keys and values will appear in a consistent order so
> long as you don't add/delete keys between calls.

As I said, two dictionaries created from the same input will be the
same...  'ai' != 'ia'.  If I need to hash a dict that I don't know was
created in a deterministic order, I'd frozenset(thedict.items()).


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