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Thu Feb 9 13:47:20 EST 2012

Nathan Rice <nathan.alexander.rice at> wrote:

> As I said, two dictionaries created from the same input will be the
> same...  'ai' != 'ia'.  If I need to hash a dict that I don't know was
> created in a deterministic order, I'd frozenset(thedict.items()).
Fair enough, the idea scares me, but it's your code and your risk.

BTW, make sure that if you ever copy any of those dictionaries they all get 
copied the same number of times as simply copying a dict can change the key 

>>> dict.fromkeys('me')
{'e': None, 'm': None}
>>> dict(dict.fromkeys('me'))
{'m': None, 'e': None}
>>> dict(dict(dict.fromkeys('me')))
{'e': None, 'm': None}

Duncan Booth

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