Guide to: Learning Python Decorators

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>  > Guide to: Learning Python Decorators
>  > New Book

Which goes to Amazon, perhaps with an Amazon Associate id embedded.

> A whole book about decorators?  Cool. I'm going to start writing books
> to. I'll start with 'The Python print statement'. Then to be cutting
> edge I'll follow with 'The Python print function'.

Sarcasm aside, it is a small (200K) digital book at a small price ($4). 
According to the 5-star reviews, it is not as trivial as the title 
indicates. It starts with explaining functions, scope, parameters, 
nesting, *args, **kwds, and nesting. In other words, everything one 
needs to know to understand decorators. It is based on tutorials given 
at PyCon and elsewhere. I plan to borrow it and take a look.

A book on Printing with Python that clearly explained everything one 
needs to know about characters, glyphs, fonts, bytes, unicode, 
encodings, and serialization in order to print would also be worthwhile. 
For a bonus, add in something about console windows, OS differences, and 

Terry Jan Reedy

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