Fabric Engine + Python benchmarks

Fabric Paul technovegas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 17:04:05 CET 2012

Hi all - just letting you know that we recently integrated Fabric with
Python. Fabric is a high-performance multi-threading engine that
integrates with dynamic languages. We're releasing soon (probably
under AGPL), and we just released these benchmarks.


Before anyone starts attacking the vanilla python :), the point we
want to make is that our Python integration performs just as well as
our Node.js implementation (benchmarks found at http://fabric-engine.com/tag/benchmarks/).
Obviously, it's pretty trivial to compile Python to byte code, and
present multi-threaded versions of the program - however, the goal of
Fabric is to handle that side of things automatically (that's what the
engine does). This means we take care of threading, dynamic
compilation, memory management etc

Interested to get your feedback.

Kind regards,

Paul (I work at Fabric)

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