ldap proxy user bind

sajuptpm sajuptpm at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 02:27:31 EST 2012

I have developed a LDAP auth system using python-ldap module.
Using that i can validate username and password,  fetch user and
groups info from LDAP directory.
Now i want to implement ldap proxy user bind to the ldap server.
I googled and find this http://ldapwiki.willeke.com/wiki/LDAPProxyUser
But i don't have any idea about how implement it usng python-ldap.

My existing LDAP settings at client side
ldap_enabled = True
ldap_host = your_ldap_server
ldap_port = 389
ldap_basedn = o=My_omain
ldap_user_key = cn
ldap_group_key = groupMembership
ldap_email_key = mail
ldap_user_search = ou=Users
ldap_group_search = ou=Groups
ldap_group_objectclass = groupOfNames

I want to add following 2 new flags

ldap_proxy_user = ldap_proxy
ldap_proxy_pwd = secret

I don't know how this ldapproxy system would works.
Could you please point me to an python article/example ??

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