ldap proxy user bind

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Sat Feb 11 21:22:45 CET 2012

sajuptpm wrote:
> I have developed a LDAP auth system using python-ldap module.
> Using that i can validate username and password,  fetch user and
> groups info from LDAP directory.
> Now i want to implement ldap proxy user bind to the ldap server.

What do you mean exactly?

Are you talking about LDAPv3 proxy authorization
(see http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4370)?
If yes, then pass an instance of class ldap.controls.simple.ProxyAuthzControl 
to the LDAPObject methods when sending your LDAP requests. This is usable no 
matter how your proxy user has bound the directory. Another option is to send 
a SASL authz-ID along with the initial SASL bind request of your proxy user.

No matter what you have to get your LDAP server configuration right for this 
to work. Which LDAP server is it?

> I googled and find this http://ldapwiki.willeke.com/wiki/LDAPProxyUser

AFAICS this web page talks about the proxy user for eDirectory's LDAP gateway 
to NDS. It's unlikely that this is relevant to your needs.

> But i don't have any idea about how implement it usng python-ldap.
> [..]
> I want to add following 2 new flags
> ldap_proxy_user = ldap_proxy
> ldap_proxy_pwd = secret

Hmm, please don't take it personally but my impression is that you're not 
totally clear on what you need. Could you please try to explain what you want 
to achieve?

Ciao, Michael.

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