Python vs. C++11

sturlamolden sturlamolden at
Sun Feb 12 22:21:40 EST 2012

There are bigsimilarities between Python and the new C++ standard. Now
we can actually use our experience as Python programmers to write
fantastic C++ :-)

Here is a small list of similarities to consider:

Iterate over any container, like Python's for loop:

for (type& item: container)

Pointer type with reference counting:

Python-like datatypes:

tuple     std::tuple

list      std::vector

dict      std::unordered_map
set       std::unordered_set

complex   std::complex

deque     std::deque

lambda    [name](params){body}

heapq     std::heap

weakref   weak_ptr

str          std::string  -- unicode, raw strings, etc work as Python

Other things of interest:

std::regex, std::cmatch
std::thread   thread api versy similar to Python's
std::atomic   datatype for atomic operations
std::mt19937  same prng as Python

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