XSLT to Python script conversion?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Feb 13 08:34:08 EST 2012

Matej Cepl, 13.02.2012 12:20:
> I am getting more and more discouraged from using XSLT for a transformation
> from one XML scheme to another one.

Could you explain what it is that discourages you about it? That would
allow us to come up with better alternatives for your specific problem.

> Does anybody could share any experience
> with porting moderately complicated XSLT stylesheet
> (https://gitorious.org/sword/czekms-csp_bible/blobs/master/CEP2OSIS.xsl)
> into a Python script using ElementTree's interparse or perhaps xml.sax?
> Any tools for this? Speed differences (currently I am using xsltproc)? Any
> thoughts?

You could try switching to lxml. It would at least allow you to do a part
of the processing in Python and only use XSLT when it seems more
appropriate and/or easier.


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